Medium: Movie/Comic
Fandom: Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Subject: James "Bucky" Banes/Natasha Romanoff
Title: Together
Notes/Warnings: A fanmix in 3 parts; Part 1: In the Red Room, falling for one another, Part 2: Rebelling against the Red Room, failing, and James getting his memory erased, Part 3: Post Winter Soldier, James getting all of his memories back and Bucky/Natasha working their relationship out.
Together Cover
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I tried playing around with colours
and failed
and I overuse my favourite textures a lot


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Medium: Movies/Book
Fandom: The Hobbit
Subject: Dis
Title: A Thousand Armies
Summary: AU; Azog kills Thorin at Moria and Dis, the last of the Durin lin, swears revenge for her family and her brother.
Notes: In this AU Thorin and Dis were having an affair, Fili and Kili were already born (to Dis' husband, who died in the battle of Moria). Dis also has a mental illness; she's hard, angry and visious.


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